Of thoughts & themes & a Great Perhaps.

23 Oct

I’m currently reading Looking for Alaska, a Printz award-winning novel by John Green (whom you can find on YouTube here with his brother Hank) and it’s proving to be such a worthwhile read.

The storyline goes like this: Miles (or Pudge as he is come to be known as) Halter quits high school and decides to enroll into a boarding school in Alabama to seek a “Great Perhaps” – a craving to lead a more eventful life than what he already has at home. He is obsessed with the dying words of famous people (a habit encouraged by the countless biographies of famous people his dad owns) and soon plunges into a world of trouble and friendship with The Colonel and Takumi, not to mention falling in love with the mysteriously vivacious Alaska Young.

I’m not gonna give away the rest of the plot because I’m still halfway through it, but this is just one of those books where you have the ‘I-wanna-finish-this-quick-so-I-know-the-ending-but-I-don’t-wanna-finish-it-so-fast-because-it’s-so-good-and-I-want-to-prolong-it’ feeling.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that’s been able to capture my attention like this one. The previous book that comes to mind is I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak, which shares the theme of “a Great Perhaps.”

I Am The Messenger is about a 19-year-old taxi driver Ed Kennedy who starts receiving anonymous playing cards coupled with codes in his mailbox. Without him meaning to, he falls into a habit of obeying these playing cards, because they finally provide him with a direction in his life, something to drive him to live, because so far, he doesn’t actually have a legit reason to live, other than for his rank dog.

I guess I always fall a little bit in love with books that possess the theme of a Greater Calling, a “something’s waiting for you out there if you can just get out and grab it with your bare hands” kinda feeling.

I adore the idea that life isn’t just about what we’re living with right now. We always dream of things bigger and better than what we have in our lives, because if our dreams are made up of things that we already possess, then we’re either the most content people in our lives or we’re really boring.

That’s why a dream is called a dream. You yearn for it to be true, work your ass off for it to be your reality. In the end, what you strive for is for your dream to turn into your reality, so that it can finally be the Life you want and not the one life has already chosen for you.

So what’s your Great Perhaps?


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